About Synergy Surveying


Synergy Surveying Limited is a small building surveying practice  located in the City Centre of Edinburgh,
Scotland United  Kingdom.   Our  employees  have 10 Years +  Experience  within  the  Scottish  property  

Our  broad  knowledge  and understanding  of  the Scottish property sector  enables us to provide existing
and new clients with a wide range of Specialist Building Surveying Services.

The  main  objective  of  our  Management policy is to be a recognised building  surveying  company with a
strong position in the Scottish Property Market and to permanently maintain a quality management system,
ensuring a consistent quality of products and services.

• Ensuring  a high level of quality of our products and also the health and safety of employees at work are
 priorities for achieving the success and prosperity of the company.

The following strategy has been developed to ensure a culture of continual improvement :-

Synergy Surveying Limited- Our Services
• The services provided represent an effective solution for both existing and new client’s requirements.
• All our services conform to strict requirements for health and safety.
• We make sure that customer satisfaction is a priority when developing/ improving client services

Synergy Surveying Limited- Our Customers
• Our customers remain our most important priority. Customer relationship is driven by the effort to fulfill all
expectations in order to achieve maximum satisfaction/ delivery of the agreed service.
• Contact  with  customers  is  undertaken  within  an  environment  of  mutual  cooperation  on the basis of
transparency  and  set  guidelines.  Each  and every customer is fully informed during various stages of the
service provision.
• We utilise feedback from the customer to continually improve on customer satisfaction.

Synergy Surveying Limited- Our Suppliers
• The systematic selection of suppliers based on the principle of partnership and focused primarily on the
quality of the purchased supplies, to ensure that only high-quality supplies are used for our products.
• When selecting suppliers, priority is given to those that can demonstrate the quality of their supplies by
means of a quality certificate (ISO 9000), or product certificates.
• We request that all our suppliers monitor and evaluate the quality of the materials they supply on a regular
basis, and their potential impacts on the environment.

Synergy Surveying Limited- Our Company
• Conditions  are  created  for  continual  improvement  of  all  processes  within  the  internal activities of our
company. We take every effort to ensure observance of the quality system throughout the course of all activities
• Quality and customer satisfaction is achieved with the participation of all employees. We expect from
professionalism, cooperation and an interest in the good results of the company from every employee.
• An integral part of our quality policy is also the due maintenance of order and a positive working environment
in all working areas. All health and safety at work regulations are observed.
• Continual and planned increase of the qualifications of all our employees form part of our quality policy. 
There is a programme of employee benefits in place to support the stability and solidarity of the workforce.
• Knowledge of the current health and safety regulations is of importance for all employees. Regular training on
legal and other requirements and principles for ensuring health and safety at work is provided.

Synergy Surveying Limited- The Environment
• Respecting current environmental regulations is a priority for our company in all of its activities, even at the
expense of profit.
• We pay attention to eliminating any negative effects of our operation on the environment. Where possible
we give preference to recyclable materials.
• We afford preference to wood sourced from sustainable forests when purchasing products made from wood-based raw materials.
• We ensure that our company processes comply fully with all environmental and workplace protection requirements.
• Potential environmental impacts are regularly monitored; results of this monitoring are analysed, and appropriate measures adopted for improvement.
• We arrange for the ecological liquidation of all waste from our processes, recycling it as far as possible.
• All our employees are up to date with the company’s environmental policy; environmental targets and requirements
are specified for individual Offices, and responsibility for compliance with them is incorporated into the job descriptions of employees.

Synergy Surveying Limited- Health and Safety
• We ensure that all activities connected with the implementation of health and safety regulations are in accordance with the applicable regulations.
• We ensure conditions for safe working by means of suitable health and safety measures aimed at minimising or eliminating risks are maintained in place at all times.
• Where it is not possible to completely eliminate or reduce health and safety risks to an acceptable level all our employees are provided with protective equipment. This equipment is maintained in good condition and use is controlled.
• We organise the workplace layout and equipment in such a way that work conditions conform to the health and safety requirements and limits placed on them.
• Work and work procedures are organised so that good health and safety principles are not breached. Employees are not allowed to perform work that is not within their capabilities.
• The fulfillment of health and safety tasks is an integral part of the job responsibilities of all management employees. Every employee is obliged to take care of their own health and safety as well as the health and safety of those around them.

Synergy Surveying Limited- Management
• Our company evaluates its objectives, products, the effectiveness of processes and customer satisfaction. The results of these evaluations are used as a basis for preventative and corrective measures to improve the individual processes and delivery of customer satisfaction.
• Our management team has created the conditions to carry out, at suitable intervals, evaluations of the company’s objectives, products and processes, looking at their environmental impacts. Analysis of data from those evaluations leads to preventative and remedial measures being adopted to improve the environmental aspects of individual processes.
• Synergy Surveying Limited- (Building Surveying- Scotland) strive to ensure continual improvement of health and safety and its management so that it best fulfils the changing legislative requirements and commercial conditions. We regularly assess the health and safety policy and its objectives and check the standard level of health and safety.
• Synergy Surveying's management team undertakes to create the human, financial and material resources necessary to implement and improve the management system processes and improve customer satisfaction.
• The board of directors of the company fully supports the implementation of the current management policy.