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Commercial Energy Performance Certificate- What is it?

A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate highlights the  energy efficiency of a
buildings  fabric,  the  installed  heating, ventilation/  cooling and  lighting  systems. 
It   does  not  take  into  account  how  the  present  occupier  uses those systems.
Commercial   buildings   have   been   divided   into   3 levels – 3,  4  and  5  for  the 
purposes  of  producing  an energy  rating. The  differences  between  these  levels  
focus mainly on the complexity of heating and ventilation systems installed.

Commercial Energy Perfromance Certificate- Why do I need one?

Being  a  Member  State  of  the European Union, the United Kingdom was required to
implement the requirements of the Energy Performance of  Buildings Directive
(EPBD- Directive 2002/91/EC ) in full by January 2009, process having started
on 4th January 2003.

The Energy Performance of  Buildings Directive is intended to deal with two main issues:
1.   The  green  issue  of  reducing emissions prejudicial to the planet’s future - carbon
dioxide (CO2) emissions are now accepted as a major cause of global climate change -
‘global warming’.
2.   The political issue of security of energy supplies in the medium to long term.

Our consumption of energy is expanding, with a consequent increase in CO2 emissions,
and implementing better energy efficiency  in  buildings  is  intended  to play an  important
part in the package of policies and measures needed to comply with the Kyoto Protocol.

The main objective of  the  Energy  Performance  of  Buildings  Directive is  to  promote
dissemination  of energy efficiency information to occupiers and other building users,
with a view to raising awareness of the issues involved.

Commercial Energy Perfromance Certificate- When do I need one?

A  Commercial  Energy  Performance  Certificate (CEPC) is required when a building,
(including a part of a building which has  been  designed   or  altered   to  be  used
separately),  is  constructed,  sold  or  let.  In respect  of non-dwellings,  the
responsibility for ensuring certificates and inspections are done is shown below:

Under  EPBD- Directive 2002/91/EC Regulation 5(2) and 5(5) The seller or landlord 
is  required  to  provide  an approved Energy Performance Certificate to prospective
buyers and tenants, and given to eventual buyers and tenants.
Under  EPBD- Directive  2002/91/EC Regulation 9(2)  The  builder is required  to
provide the owners of newly constructed  Crown or statutory undertakers’ buildings
 with an an approved Energy Performance Certificate .

Under EPBD- Directive 2002/91/EC Regulation10 Energy Performance Certificate's
must be accompanied by recommendationreports; the relevant person for the EPC
on sale or rent, that is the seller or landlord or the builder under regulation. 9(2)

Under  EPBD- Directive 2002/91/EC 39(4)  The  seller  or  landlord,  building  occupier, 
or  system  controller is required to provide a valid EPC, recommendation report, advisory
report or air-conditioning inspection report must be produced when required by an
enforcement authority within seven days.

Building  owners  need  to  be  aware  that  for enforcement purposes, it is the responsibility
of the relevant person to make sure  that  the  appropriate  Energy  Performance  Certificate
 is made available and provided to the ultimate buyer or tenant. This is the case, even if in
practice this is done by someone else (e.g. an agent or building manager/ managing agent).

The certificate for a property being offered for sale or let must be made available for viewing as follows:

• as soon as a building is in the process of being offered for sale, it is the responsibility
of the seller to make an EPC available and a recommendation report, free of charge, to
prospective buyers.

• as soon as a building is in the process of being offered to let, it is the responsibility of
the  prospective  landlord to  make  available  an  EPC  and  recommendation  report  to
prospective tenants.

• when a building being constructed is physically complete, it is the responsibility of the
person  carrying  out the construction to give an EPC and recommendation report to the
building owner and to notify Building Control that this has been done.

• for air-conditioning systems, the person who controls the operation of the system is the
person who has the responsibility for ensuring an inspection takes place.

The  person  who  controls  the  operation  of  the  system  is the person who controls the
 technical functioning of the system, not someone who can just alter the temperature.

Commercial Energy Perfromance Certificate- How do I get one?

The process is as follows:-

-  Client contacts a member of our team via telephone 0131 6201145, log an enquiry here, or use contact us modules located throughout our website.
-  We issue a quotation complete with  a copy of our Terms and Conditions of appointment.
-  Client issues acceptance c/w instruction to proceed
-  We issue a copy of our Pre-Inspection Property Questionnaire
-  Client completes/ returns Pre-Inspection Property Questionnaire
-  We agree with the client the Site Visit/ Inspection Date & Time
-  Building Surveyor carries out a desktop study including preparation of a risk assessment (Office Use Only)
-  Building Surveyor visits the property on the  agreed date/ time and collects the data required
-  Building Surveyor enters the data into Governement approved software
-  Building Surveyor generates the required Commercial Energy Performance Certificate
-  Client receives an electronic copy of the Commercial Energy Performance Certificate & Invoice for services

This brings our service delivery to a close.
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